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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there resources or help to pay for these type of cleaning services?

Yes, the Victim of Crime. Here are the links: Nationwide - and In California -

Do your crime, bio and blood cleaning services include disinfectant?

Yes, Biohazard Plus cleaning crew will sanitize and disinfect all areas until they are restored to their natural state.

Is a regular janitorial service, family, or friend qualified to perform the cleaning?

No, Biohazard Plus Crime Scene cleanup is staffed by trained and certified professionals crime/ bio cleaning specialist who are qualified to remove contaminated debris which must be disposed of as medical waste. No one else is legally qualified to handle this cleaning.

I have a private property that needs biohazard cleaning, can you help?

Yes, we clean private residences as well as commercial and business locations.

Do you perform distressed properties cleaning?

Yes, we clean distressed properties as well as locations affected by hoarding, blood and feces.

Do you provide free estimates?

Yes, a member of our staff a professional crime scene/ bio technician will visit your location in order to ascertain the scope of your need and provide you with an accurate pricing estimate.

Do you clean blood out of carpets?

No, if the blood cannot be removed from the carpet or flooring, we will use.


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